How to Get Clients for Insurance Agencies

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How Are My Competitors Getting All of Their Insurance Agency Clients?

Does this sound familiar? When it comes to how to get more insurance agency clients, I’ve got good news and I’ve got better news.

The good news is that for many insurance agencies across the US, many of them are getting clients by default, simply because they have EXISTED for at least a few years, or may even be a local staple when it comes to providing residents in their area with auto insurance policies and home insurance policies.

Why is that good news? It means that MOST of your competition isn’t doing much in comparison to the system I have developed that I am about to share with you.

It means that there are steps you can take to get more insurance agency clients than your competitors. And with some work, and consistency you should be able to surpass most other insurance agents in your area. Even if they are doing a substantial amount of insurance agency marketing.

And if your competition is some of the highest, like maybe in the heart of a big city, they will be doing some of this, which means you need to be doing it anyway, however, incorporating all of this together is going to make you generate a steady stream of customers and clients rapidly compared to someone who just literally waits for years to somehow “Get lucky” and generate tons of insurance customers through word of mouth

So let’s get you thinking about how to get insurance clients in a new way.

Where Do Insurance Clients Come From?

Are homeowners sitting around, scrolling through facebook waiting to see an advertisement for an insurance company? Are drivers scrolling through Instagram waiting to see a creative ad for car insurance?

Of course not.

That is not to say there is no place for advertising in marketing, but there is a better way.

Make them come to you.

Let’s consider where insurance clients really come from. What is a client doing before they find a company to provide them with an insurance policy?

First, they need some type of insurance, whether it’s auto insurance, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, whatever.

Next, they go ONLINE to a SEARCH ENGINE like Google, and type in what they are looking for, most likely, this will be a search like, “Auto Insurance in San Diego.”

After that, the search engine will display search results, and generally they will serve up local business results at the top of the search engine results, in Google, these are the “Google My Business” listings (see below.)

And then below that there are what as known as “Organic Search Results” (See below.)

And it is the businesses that are in these two places that will mop the floor with their competition when it comes to getting new insurance clients.

Why? Because it’s where the people searching for local insurance services are, and when your business is found in these places near the top of search engine results you build a bridge between customers that are ACTIVELY looking for the products and services you offer and YOUR BUSINESS.

How to Get More Insurance Clients

So, how do you get more insurance clients? By implementing the best insurance agency client getting strategy of course! Of course, it would take too long for me to explain everything in a single blog post, but, below I will discuss the elements that will need to come together in order to rank your business at the top of search engines in order to create a steady stream of clients and customers, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

This strategy is the most powerful strategy an insurance agency can use to get more business. And just think, if your insurance agency is in business now but you aren’t at the top of search engines, just imagine when you are, not only for “Insurance Company + [Your City]” but also for keywords like:

• Auto Insurance + [Your City]
• Home Insurance + [Your City]
• Flood Insurance + [Your City]
• Small Business Insurance + [Your City]
• Boat and Watercraft Insurance + [Your City]
• Motorcycle Insurance + [Your City]
• SR-22 Insurance + [Your City]
• And More…

When you take into consideration that over 90% of searchers don’t even go beyond the first page, you can begin to understand the POWER and POTENTIAL this has for changing the trajectory of your insurance agency, helping you get more clients, earn more and more money, and attain more freedom for your personal life.

That’s not all, you won’t jut be “getting more insurance clients”, you will have opened up a continuous streatm of new customers. Those customers will tell other people about you. Those customers will leave positive reviews for your Insurance Agency’s Google My Business Listing, and there will develop a whole new buzz around your business you never imagined possible.

And even all of the people who searched and didn’t buy from you will be aware of you because you will be the first company that will come to mind when they are looking for insurance services, since they saw your brand the first time they searched for you.

I’m telling you, I do this for local insurance agents and this is a GAME CHANGER for your business. Before I tell you how you can do this too, let me explain some of the different elements of my system so you can get a better understanding of these new concepts.

So, here are some of the elements of the system I use to rank insurance agencies in Google.

What is the Best Way to Get Insurance Agency Clients?

As an insurance agency owner or insurance agent, you might be wondering, “What is the best way to get new insurance agency clients?” You may be considering referrals, word of mouth, facebook ads, or google ads as sources to provide your agency with new business. There are limitations to all of these and there is a better way to generate a steady stream of clients, organic traffic.


Getting referrals for your insurance agency is what I would consider the second best source of insurance agency clients. Yes, you should be building relationships with mortgage lenders, etc. to get them to refer you to their clients, but, how many referrals are you going to be getting every day?

Enough to keep your business afloat? What do you think there are more of per day, people that will be referred to your insurance agency from other businesses or people who live in your city searching online for insurance information, or for an insurance agency to work with?

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth referrals from your existing customers has the same problem as your B2B referrals, there is most likely just not the volume there to be able to sustain your business. Of course, if you provide quality insurance services, and provide exceptional customer service people will recommend you to their friends and family.

But this will happen anyway, and it’s better for you to be proactive and take control over where your clients come from rather than leave it up to chance.

Facebook Ads

Generating insurance leads with Facebook Ads will most likely require a Facebook Ads expert as there are a lot of moving pieces. There is a lot of technology to figure out, it’s easy to make a mistake and get your ads account suspended, you need to know about all of the different ad types, different objectives, you’ll need to come up with creative ad ideas and produce the creative elements, then A/B test everything.

Plus, when was the last time you purchased a local service from a Facebook ad? Facebook Ads for insurance agencies do have their place, but you’ll have better success with the warm leads provided with organic traffic.

One good thing about Google Ads is that they target, and this is of critical importance, people actively searching for the insurance products and services you already offer, so you KNOW they are people interested in what your business offers, home insurance, auto insurance, small business insurance, etc.

So this seems like a great idea right? Not so fast. Large insurance corporations can afford to spend endless amounts of money on Google ads, making it more expensive, and even potentially cost prohibitive for the little guy.

As of this writing, a Google Ads click for the search query “Home Insurance San Diego” will turn up a $46.83 cost per click. And that is just for the CLICK.

You could see how this could add up very quickly, and if you hire a Google Ads expert who isn’t very good, it’s very easy to waste tons of money through simple mistakes and having a landing page that doesn’t convert. I mean, would you like to spend upwards of $500.00 for ten clicks and home one of them buys from you?

It’s ok though, not all hope is lost, there is one more traffic source that I think is the “Golden Goose” for small local insurance agencies.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is traffic consists of people that find your business when performing search queries in search engines like Google. They could be searching for your business name, they could be searching for products or services related to what your business offers, or they could be searching for information related to the products and services you offer.

So how do you drive organic traffic to your website? Organic traffic may come in the form of visits to webpages on your website or they may find you, at least in the case of Google, through your businesses Google My Business Listing in the form of site visits, messages, or phone calls.

In order to do this, your website or pages of it must rank high in Google search results. The same is true with your Google My Business listing, in order to generate the maximum amount of traffic, you ideally would want to rank in the top 3 in your business niche in your area. But once you do it will be a game changer for your business. The traffic will roll in, you’ll get more word of mouth, people in your area will begin to see YOUR brand every time they search for the types of services you offer, more people will buy insurance plans from your agency, you’ll get more positive reviews, and it’s a positive feedback loop.

How to Get More Online Visibility for Your Insurance Agency

The best way to get clients for insurance agencies involves building a system of important elements in order to signal to Google and other search engines, that your insurance website is worthy of ranking high on page one for search terms like:

• Home Insurance + [Your City]
• Flood Insurance + [Your City]
• Small Business Insurance + [Your City]
• Boat and Watercraft Insurance + [Your City]
• Motorcycle Insurance + [Your City]
• SR-22 Insurance + [Your City]
• And More…

The secret to success is to be thorough, attack each of the following elements in a way that outshines the competition, and then just be consistent over time.

Yes, there will be some competition out there, but very few are doing this on a high level. As a matter of fact, just taking a look right now, in Minneapolis, MN I think I could take over the vast majority of the competition and make it into the top 3 in six months to a year.

You might be thinking, “That sounds like a long time.” Trust me, it isn’t. Think about how many insurance leads you could generate from ranking in a city of almost a half-million people for all of your potential keywords.

We’re talking about overtaking insurance companies that have been operating in the area for fifty years, in 6 months to one year.

We’re talking about a life-changing amount of new clients for your insurance agency. Flowing to your company day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

I do this for an insurance agency client of mine, he pays me for marketing services. And in 2 years, he now ranks in the top 2 for almost every insurance search phrase you could think of in the area. He now golfs 3 days per week and invests in real estate and is enjoying a level of comfort in business most people only dream of.

Below are the elements of my client getting system that when tied together can take your businesses to new heights.

A Quality Insurance Agency Website

Your website will serve as the foundation for this entire insurance agency client getting system, the pages of your website will be helpful and authoritative, they will be structured properly, contain relevant images, be optimized in terms of site structure and more technical details like meta titles and meta descriptions.

The content on your site will be substantial, long gone will be the sparse webpages with barely any information on them, in their place will be thorough pages with relevant vocabulary that search engines will love and begin to rank in search results because your website is now seen as relevant and authoritative in terms of what people searching for related to insurance services in your area.

Google My Business for Insurance Agencies

Setting up and maintaining a Google My Business listing for your insurance agency is crucial, this is where the majority of your traffic will come from. Since the Google My Business listings, aka. “Google Local Listings”, aka. “Maps pack”, aka. the “3 pack” are at the very top of Google search results (and Google is the most popular search engine) your efforts to generate a steady stream of insurance leads will be centered around the Google My Business listing.

Not only should the listing be optimized with proper relevant information, it will need to be maintained by regularly uploading related images, regular posting, and reviews generation and management.

But in order to really be taking full advantage of Google My Business for insurance, you want to be ranked in the top 3 for as many search terms related to your products and services in your local area as possible.

You can still see results before you are ranking in the top 3 positions but once you are in the top three for insurance companies in your area, it should have a very positive impact on the amount of insurance leads and potential insurance clients flowing into your business regularly.

In order to achieve and maintain GMB top 3 positioning all of the other elements should be in place as well.

You can find Google My Business Optimization Services from us here:

Local Business Citations

Local business citations are an important element of ranking at the top of Google My Business Maps Pack results. A Local Business Citation is a listing or mention of your insurance agency on the web, think of sites like Yelp, MapQuest,, etc. Each of those business citations will most likely contain information about your business including Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP).

Think of each of your business listings on the web as a mention, or a website vouching for your business, if you have more business citations than your competitors, this is one “signal” Google may use to determine if your website is an authority to the topic a user is searching for, in this case, local insurance services. Therefore, if you have more citations than your competitors, you will have one of the elements of high rankings covered.

But the number of insurance agency business citations you have is not the only important factor the listings must be consistent, and rankings could be negatively affected by mismatched NAP on the listings.

You can find Local Business Citations Building Services from us here:

Content Creation

Creating content related to the insurance niche will help Google and other search engines to recognize you as a local authority in the insurance niche and will reward you with higher search rankings.

For an insurance agency website content would generally be created on a regular schedule in the form of blog articles or blog posts.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Who wants to read articles on my website about insurance” and you also might even correctly be thinking ALMOST NO ONE.

But this is where insurance agency owners can go wrong when it comes to generating insurance leads with their website.

You see, it isn’t necessary that people read our blog posts in order for them to be successful, and although there are certainly blog posts that you could write that might get readers who find it in search, (for example an article titled “How Can I Save Money on Auto Insurance in California?”) you can still benefit from the fact that SEARCH ENGINES will see your quality, regularly scheduled articles, and rank you higher that your competition, and especially rank higher than your competition who isn’t regularly publishing content related to the insurance niche.

Writing quality blog posts is beyond the scope of this article, but these posts FUEL the entire strategy I use to rank INSURANCE AGENCIES AT THE TOP OF GOOGLE.

You can find SEO Blog Writing Services from us here:

Content Syndication

We’re getting more advanced here but Content Syndication is also a part of my strategy for every client. With Content Syndication, we’re taking the blog articles we’ve created and automatically posting them to other websites online (think more obscure social media properties branded with your business logo and NAP).

By doing this we are creating a large online footprint of webpages and properties all related to the products and services you provide, creating a web of interconnected content that represents your business online.

You can find SEO Blog Writing Services from us here:

Interlinking and Backlinking

If we have content syndication set-up on our website, whenever we publish a post to our blog, it automatically publishes our content to other branded online properties. This will result in numerous backlinks to the original article, and in some cases, backlinks to other pages/places that you linked to from within the post itself, since it is repost on other platforms with the outgoing anchor text links intact.

We will also share these posts to some places manually, perhaps your facebook page, Google My Business, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What this means, is each time you create a blog post, we create CONTENT related to the products and services you offer not only on the website, but that same content is shared to properties across the web AND INTERLINKED to other online properties related to your business.

Google will recognize this large “online footprint” and reward you accordingly with higher search engine rankings allowing you to generate more traffic to your website, and more sales.

Bringing It All Together

Now, take into consideration all of the above steps and envision your competition, with a 6 page website, a page for every service that is not properly optimized and is sparse with boring content, and is very short (this might even sound a bit like your website in its current state) and the site just sits there moth after month, year after year, static, unchanging, doing nothing.

Now imagine your site, after having implemented the above systems, and you have your insurance services webpages, but yours are lush with content related to your offerings, they are long and contain optimized images etc, AND not only that, but now you are regularly putting out insurance blog content, so you have fresh content posted to your site every couple of weeks, AND every two weeks when you publish said content, it populates 30 other online properties and creating backlinks to your website that also help you rank. You’re also sharing your content to facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and posting keyword targeted posts to your Google My Business listing multiple times per week.

Which website do you think Google is going to consider more of an authority on the topic of insurance in your city?

Your website is not a functional, purposeful machine.

This is what the people and businesses are doing, that are ranking at the tops of search engines.

These are the people that are getting TOO MANY CLIENTS, TAKING VACATIONS, enjoying more free time at home.


It’s that simple.

Here at The Client Blueprint we help insurance agencies generate steady flows of new clients and dominate online. We provide online courses that you can take to implement the strategies yourself, we offer insurance company marketing services and gigs to make it easy for you to execute these strategies and build your own insurance empire.

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